The BDI in …red…despite all Dry Indices are on the plus!

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John Faraclas

The BDI in …red…despite all Dry Indices are on the plus!

Strange things will always happen and the middleman in the street still questions odd things like today’s BDI (Baltic Dry Index) being down seven points at 1,599 whilst all Dry Indices are on the up, even a contained up with the Handies stuck at 505! Geopolitical outcomes – yes in plural, will not surprise us at all, given what takes place amid an energy mayhem and bankrupt Planet Ocean now getting deeper into a recession. John  Faraclas’ midweek market brief:

The BDI lost by a whisker the 1,600 points base…

The Capes’ BCI was up 32 points at 3,382…

The Panamaxes’ BPI up 11 at 1,326..

The Supras just three points up with the BSI now reading 828 points…

The Handies’ BHSI remained stuck at 505 points!

The Wets with mixed feelings; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,259 – plus 22 and 820 – minus 27 points respectively.

The WTI …”sky rocked” to US$ 58.43 from US$ 56.10 yesterday; that’s US$2.33. C A U T I O N !!

The geopolitical situation and following what we understand from NATO’s 70th Anniversary – the parties and celebrations is one thing, the harsh reality yet another, and all the meetings that took place suggests to us that we are going to witness Armageddon at its best!! We are very optimistic, always but pragmatic too. Certain elements within the alliances behave worse than devil revisited!!

We will revert with an extra analysis soon, possible over the coming weekend…

All other matters which we cover remained unfortunately unchanged; Migrants, BREXIT AND the UK elections in a week’s time, messy EU, The Faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa and the entire Middle East plus the Balkans and the Iranian issue still explosive…

Far East with the North Korea still an issue…

At the other side of the Atlantic:

In the North, USA in particular the going ,might get tough for president Trump but being a unique person he might, repeat, he might turn everything upside down to his favour as he has no other option; watch this space!

South America and Africa: no change since our last report…

That’ all for tonight, have a nice evening and remain on guard from actions emanating from Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean…

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