The BDI@1,460; geopolitics in turmoil and BV makes waves

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John Faraclas

The BDI@1,460; geopolitics in turmoil and BV makes waves

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost its 1,500 points threshold by losing 68 points and now things, despite the volatile factor, might turn sour. The Geopolitics will bother us for a while with the addition of the outcome of the British snap election tomorrow. Bureau Veritas’ Christmas splash the event of the day; John Faraclas’ brief recap:

What a triple-digit loss that was with the Capes; the BCI now reads 2,883 – minus 284 points and the loss of the 3,000 points threshold a new reality! Will this triple digit fall continue? If so, ultra-caution should be observed!!

The Panamaxes’ turn now; the BPI was up 48 points “conquering” the 1,400 points and now sand at 1,443.

Stagnation for both the Supras and the Handies; the BSI and BHSI remained at 838 and 510 points respectively.

The WTI “plays” around the US$ 58.75 mark… and that’s too much given the capabilities of the 7.7 billion people on the Planet who cannot afford any rise whatsoever.

With the US$ 255 trillion Global debt, things will become despicable as recession doesn’t knock the door, it’s here to stay.

The Geopolitical spectrum is heavy; MIGRANTS – with increased number pouring-in in all south European nations with Greece having the “lion share”; SHAME.

The fault line between Gib and Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa continues to give tsunamis; the latest one being the official announcement of Turkey and Libya – a lawless nation signing an MOU. This ridicules the UN and its respective charter.

The Turkish provocative actions 1,000 miles around Turkey’s borders will set the Balkans and the entire East Med / Middle East on fire with incalculable repercussions for all nations. New election might be the solution for Israel; a country were only coalitions “survive”…

The European Economy still in a mess…

Tomorrow the people of the United Kingdom vote for a new government in one of the most important elections of all times post WWII. Then the BREXIT jargon will begin on a “should I stay or should I go” basis; add “and how”… Scotland will see a big change…

At the other side of the Atlantic embattled president Trump has a lot to do; will impeachment do the trick or he knows to walk on water…?

The Trade War between the USA and China is still on… Japan watches from the side lines; so does India…

South America’s turmoil continues… Nearly all nations are in a mess there… Another big CAUTION! Add sanctions too and see what you get!

The Korean Peninsula is also in trouble…

Africa must get its act together… Transparency is the name of the game there.

In Oceania now; New Zealand still in the limelight following the volcano explosion; we learn everyday… Regulations and Guidelines are being performed…

Iran still at loggerheads with the USA and Israel. Another big CAUTION there.

Still issues with North Korea…

Caution in the Persian Gulf

More news tomorrow and on Friday with the weekly recap!

On another tone and note what a lively Christmas Party that was down town Piraeus at the Bureau Veritas offices; and who wasn’t there! At the peak around 16:00 hrs over 400 guests in jovial mood were there and in total we guess 600 plus had joined-in this lively pre- Christmas celebration from 14:00 until after …office hours… Our host, Paillette Palaiologou and all the members of Bureau Veritas Piraeus offered us a memorable festive afternoon with excellent food, drinks and excellent music too. Networking at its best; not to mention meeting old friends and making new ones! Always the opportunity to meet the BV people in the Piraeus office!

That’s all for tonight; have a nice evening and continue to remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean!

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