The BDI@1,151: CAUTION!

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John Faraclas

The BDI@1,151: CAUTION!

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost ALSO its 1,200 points threshold – THANKS to the triple-digit Capes’ losses. Geopolitics a big “farce” given the inhumane business and political hooligans behaviour which will damage shipping in its entirety – and beyond… John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The loss of 70 points from the BDI comes at no surprise and we believe that somehow something spectacular MUST happen in trade to rectify the dry market status…

The Capes lost 127 points and the BCI now stands at 1,976 points… Losing the 2,100 and mainly the 2,000 points threshold was a major loss; Ultra-caution should be observed…

The Panamaxes’ too where in a dive mode; the BPI lost 75 points and now reads 1,265 loosing also the 1,300 points threshold…

The Supras’ BSI lost 21 points and now reads 764…

Just three points down for the Handies’ BHSI now at 504 – we might soon see losing the 500 base…

The Wets still on an upwards modus; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 1,560 – up 15 and 911 – up seven points respectively.

The WTI reached US$ 61.18 the highest level over the last month – to refresh your memory same was US$ 55.77!! CAUTION!

As numerous time have stressed, we live in a fully burdened – better say over-burden environment where the financial and economic aspects are negative – don’t see and count of what happens in the USA with president Trump’s policies… The bubble will burst as the debt on Planet Ocean is now US$ 255 (twohundedandfiftyfive) trillion – we put same with letters too to avoid any misunderstanding whatsoever! Add the sanctions and the repercussions of the Trade War and see what you get… AND what about the Environmental mess with 2020?

The Geopolitical spectrum is too blur – beyond being perplexed and wonder how the new world order – post Communism’s Fall, will be… as the USA and Russia together with China are embroiled in a very pathetic conflict for global dominance leaving others too – like Turkey for example and hard core Islam to destroy Peace on Planet Ocean. Mind me we believe in War – after all being more than a Greek classic with the motto: “War Father of all; if you don’t destroy you cannot believe, this being the pitiful message from history” we believe that War is good even for the warring ones but how do you counter on one allies and their betrayal… eh!!

The MIGRANTS pour into Europe from the on purpose “border” from Turkey and we once again warn all the politicians – morons at best that the social cohesion is already broken… SHAME!!! The architects of this despicable mess they will fall one day in their own graveyard!!! They tell me that on Chios they plan a hot-spot for 5,000 (fivethousand) migrants. The signatories of this despicable crime against the people of Chios will pay the hefty penalty. All political parties in Greece are responsible for this crime supported by the Brussels and NATO morons – one day when the goings gets tough they will pray and ask the Greeks for help to halt this mess. Same applies for all the Greek Aegean Islands were the MIGRANTS hot-spots are storage for MIGRANTS like sardines in inhumane conditions –  amongst them are under cover ISIS terrorists! We reiterate the view that only a “Naval Blockade with a Mandate and Rules of Engagement” can solve the problem. Now you will ask me what about rescuing all these MIGRANTS directed by traffickers who ask them to sink the boats making the Greek and other forces such as FRONTEX in other parts of the Med to rescue them; fine, you just penalise Turkey for letting this despicable surge / caravans of thousands heading to Greece a European Union country to move over. With all due respect MIGRANTS from Muslim countries they have to stay within Muslim nations with the same upbringing and customs… Breaking the social cohesion in many European countries might backfire and another mess will surface…

The faulty line from Gib to Afghanistan and from the Caucuses to the Horn of Africa is lately enhanced by the Turkish – Libyan mess with Turkey being developed by its president to a pariah state and it’s about time the UN Secretary-General stand up to these despicable circumstances before it’s too late. Same applies to the five super powers…

The East Med with Turkey demanding to change the frontiers as well as in the Balkans we are soon going to witness a very big mess… The hydrocarbons are just an “excuse” for the Turkish demands… coupled with religion and then you can have a full picture… Add, as we have numerous time explained the Middle Eastern chronic problems and see what you get… Moreover the deeper regional mess with Iran and now with Saudi Arabia are another messy situation and with Iraq still destabilised… Janis Joplin’s song “Get it while you can”  and Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody knows” – which we have referred to in the past, gives you some answers… and the truth!!!!

Greece and Cyprus are the recipients of the Turkish despicable behaviour with the rest of the World and mainly Europeans being afraid of the Turkish blackmail and keeping distances which one day they will regret!

Europe also is in a mess and BREXIT will create more havoc… Boris Johnson is unpredictable and once again we might see the non-deal BREXIT coming up…

The United Kingdom also faces issues; the latest elections’ results with a new political map in Scotland speaks of what we might see next…

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trump faces mega challenges with the impeachment the Democrats orchestrate and with the coming 2020 elections things might get sour for him, his fellow Americans and the World at large… CAUTION!!

Putin’s Russia surges again with pathos to become the dominant power but… The Chinese too… The issue is that the Americans will be resurrected by some unusual forces and halt their internal mess and the Global chaos we live in.

In South America the Argentinian economic and financial fall-out will shake the entire central and south American region. South America is heavily burdened as Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela to …name but a “few” are in dire straits… Talking about dire straits, we must ensure all these straits are free and safe for navigation: Aden, Gibraltar, Hormuz, Istanbul, Malacca, Panama Canal, Port Said with Suez Canal and obviously Kiel and Corinth Canal as well as the Straits of Otranto…

China’s business tactics – low priced copied products and if you like not in full compliance with quality newbuilding ships – having a twenty or so years span of mess – save very few shipyards, must end… what is the international community being afraid from China?

North Korea too must come to terms with reality as well as her backers…

Japan is closely watching all happening in its close proximity and beyond…

Africa still in a mess  – too much of corruption and proxy wars with China gettting too much involved there in an unprecedented way…. Australia – NSW in particular under the strange cloud… from bushfires raging since September… CAUTION!!!

More Geopolitical News tomorrow with the end of the week recap…

HRH Crown Princess Katharine and her husband Crown Prince Alexander welcome guests together with BoD of Lifeline Hellas Dr. Zisis Boukouvalas, his wife and John Sahinis

On another tone and note we had the Annual Lifeline Charity event at the Grande Bretagne Hotel  in central Athens in aid for the Greek state hospitals. A great function with touching moments too encompassing the entire Greek and Greek Diaspora Society with all sectors being duly represented.

Over 350 guests – contributors gathered at the Grande Ballroom  of one of the world’s landmark hotels and did their humane act of offering as they do for so many years now. We were there with friends and making new ones – some of them very interesting! For us from the Greek London Diaspora was great to communicate with fellow Greeks some of which come over as far as the other side of the Atlantic. Excellent!

l to r: the Chief of Hellenic Navy’s General Staff Admiral Nikos Tsounis and his wife with Yiannis Patiniotis and John Sahinis

HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia and her husband HRH Crown Prince Alexander, Dr. Zisis Boukouvalas, his wife Dr. Alkistsis Prinou – Boukouvalas, John Sahinis – our shipping link together Fleur Potamianos – good to see also her husband Andreas after a while, marine insurance broker Stella Mantzaris –  one of the greatest supporters and benefactors of Lifeline Hellas,  Ersi Tsakiroglou and others created a great event.

Evi Chatzidakis’ (l) table with empowering women!

As always the shipping industry was duly represented as well as its societies and Clubs; Evi Chatzidakis, Yiannis Patiniotis, Panos Iliopoulos, Irene Notias, Nikos D. Marmatsouris, George Mantzaris and many others were there…

Good to see Harry Theocharis, the ever present minister of Tourism and his wife Demetra, the Chief of Staff  of the Hellenic Navy General Staff Admiral Nikos Tsounis and his wife, Ms Marianna V. Vardinogianni, Fathe Evgenios from the Archidocese of Thyatera and Great Britain and many many others.

Stella Mantzaris – fourth from the left with family members and friends

And what a Raffle that was with just over 60 (sixty) priceless gifts all for the purpose of charity and support to all those in need; indeed the pleasure to offer! Our table was more than lucky following a bit of a …fire and red wine spill over; Lady Luck at its best!

Congrats to Nandia Zacharakis and her team for their organisational skills. Reverting with a full report soon.

Have a nice evening and continue to remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean.

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