INTERCARGO – The First 40 Years

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INTERCARGO – The First 40 Years

INTERCARGO is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020!

Free copies of our Association’s 40-year anniversary special publication (please view will be distributed to our Members during events within 2020.

Non-members, and interested readers in the meantime, may order it online at

We are obliged to Naftika Chronika and the editorial team from GRATIA Publications,

as well as to all the content contributors for a highly commendable end result.

INTERCARGO – The First 40 Years

Table of Contents:

  1. Introductory Remarks, DIMITRIOS J. FAFALIOS
    2. Methodological and research approach,PANAGIOTIS KAPETANAKIS
    3. SECTION A: Working collectively to change the bulk carrier industry for the better
    – INTERCARGO: The dry cargo industry gets the voice it deserves, PANAGIOTIS KAPETANAKIS
    – The dry cargo industry between the Clashing Rocks of the shipping market cycles, GIANNIS THEODOROPOULOS
    – A brief history of bulk carrier design, PANOS ZAHARIADIS
    4. SECTION B: INTERCARGO: The brainchild of Antony J. Chandris
    – The creation of INTERCARGO, a Greek initiative by Antony J. Chandris, JOHN C. LYRAS
    – The birth of an idea, THEMISTOCLES VOKOS
    – By mid-1978 a new organisation, known as ‘Chandris’ baby,’ was born, DAVID GLASS
    5. SECTION C: The voice of the shipping community
    – We needed an organisation focusing specifically on dry cargo shipping policy, MORTEN WERRING
    – It took 20 to 25 years for the value of INTERCARGO to be established, Dr. SPYROS M. POLEMIS
    – INTERCARGO contributes to the development of a safer and better industry, SVERRE JØRGEN TIDEMAND
    – Without INTERCARGO the bulk shipping industry has no other legitimate representative, GIAN CRISTOFORO SAVASTA
    – INTERCARGO was the brainchild of Antony Chandris, NICKY PAPPADAKIS
    – INTERCARGO functions like the “Agora of Ancient Athens,” members participate directly in decision making, JOHN PLATSIDAKIS
    – INTERCARGO plays a significant role in influencing industry stakeholders, JAY K. PILLAI
    – INTERCARGO must continue to prove it delivers value to its members, DIMITRIOS J. FAFALIOS
    6. SECTION D: The subtle role of the Secretariat
    – My first task at INTERCARGO was to weed out sub-standard tonnage, ROGER HOLT
    – INTERCARGO’s activities, priorities and objectives at a time of growing challenges, DR. KOSTAS G. GKONIS


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