Midweek Dry Market blues, Wets “thrive” and Coronavirus begins to devastate Planet Ocean

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John Faraclas

Midweek Dry Market blues, Wets “thrive” and Coronavirus begins to devastate Planet Ocean

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 21 points and now stands at 582; the Geopolitics remain sour as something is about to happen due to the Coronavirus effect as well as with the existing Recession AND THE DESPICABLE debt on Planet Ocean now at US$ 257 trillion that few really talk about; very few have the guts to speak up on these issues. John Faraclas’ brief recap:

For a third day the BDI continued to drop – 617, minus eight points on Monday 23/3, 603 – 14 on Tuesday 24/3 and today lost the 600 point threshold; CAUTION!

The Capes lost three points and now the BCI stands at minus 113 points… On the 23/3 same stood at minus 109 –  plus 12 points, on 24/3 lost one point standing at minus 110…

The Panamaxes’ BPI lost 26 points and now stands at 720; on 23/3 the BPI stood at 774, minus 33;   on 24/3 at 746, minus 28…

Supras were also dropping with the BSI at 702, minus 18 points; on 23/3 at 732, that is minus nine; 24/3 minus 12 points at 720…

Finally, the Handies’ BHSI lost seven points today reading 423; on 23/3, the reading was 428 –  plus five, on 24/3 at 430 –  plus two…

So all in all a red day and let’s see what’s coming next!!!

The Wets nicely rising; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood a 1,068 – up 27 and 857 up 14 points respectively… Rich pickings are possibly here to stay… We shall see…

The WTI on the “rebound”; at US$ 24.49 today following the US$ 24.01 yesterday and US$23.36 last Monday… What a strange game but as there is a “bit” of uncertainty in the air expect turbulations by tomorrow …

All Geopolitical issues remain, particularly that with MIGRANTS and the Turkish violation on many counts of Planet Ocean’s International Law and Order. The Med and in particular Central and East Med on fire… CAUTION… We caution the EU and its head for keeping a blind eye, a silly tactic which one day will badly backfire! Shame!

Coronavirus claims and will claim more lives all over Planet Ocean and we do condemn all those who let the international public unprotected… As we have family, friends and devoted supporters on all five continents we are closely monitoring over 25 countries and we are unhappy of what is yet to come; b r a c e !!! Meantime we urge all Airport Authorities to begin a Spring Cleaning Process; has anybody bothered for example to check the dozens of viruses and microbes on the trays were we place our belongings during the security checks / scanning ??? Eh!! Basta!!! Hygiene comes first!!!! Shall we go a bit over and blame the system demanding you to take off your shoes and contract all viruses AND carry them around, eh!!!

Wishing all Greeks wherever they reside Happy Independence Day. 1821 was a year that begun the big change for the shake of Liberty by getting rid of the Ottoman yoke…; try to see why!

Pity the Olympic Games in Japan are being postponed… and many other business and sports events and exhibitions…

Have a nice evening and continue to remain on guard from actions emanating by Pirates, Terrorists, Criminals and any Business Hooligans whatsoever wherever you are on Planet Ocean and try to become more disciplined in tackling the Coronavirus anathema! Think also for our Seafarers onboard thousand of ships what they go through…it’s not just passengers confined…  Our thoughts also goes to all medical staff all over who give a big and dangerous fight to save human lives!!! Their contribution is incalculable!!!!

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  • Irene Notias says:

    John, you are fearless and bravo for this article. Referring to the world debt and that all nations are party to this, for many reasons and mostly the last decades due tot the DERIVATIVE “industry” and very few talk about. Bravo that you bring it up. News can be hypnotic especially when it is not reporting The Who, what, where, when and intstead is opinion and biased… only serving to magnify drama and fear into peoples heads. We, adults and especially children, are receptors that can be molded because we like excitement and are like sponges. whatever we hear we believe and act on. The truth is that media plays a very strong role in the way we see things. Promoting drama instead of peace. Right? Why not send that good energy to make sure that the right regulations and laws are in place everywhere and that for years must be supported – like regulate the derivative markets, keep the anti-trust laws, etc. I see so many people – who study law – young adults without experiences like we had, that misunderstand commerce and business ethics. Does anyone understand democracy and that we have it now but can leave with laws changing…I am amazed as how “good thoughts” is understated and yet “images” are “GOD” (everything) for many. Talking about the “GOD” word, it amazes me how if we mention God, we are religious and its not politically correct but mentioning ALLAH is ok? I am wearing a sarcastic smile thinking of these people: those who don’t want God to be center stage, will have to be subject to ALLAH instead though, because the Moslem fanatics wont have it any other way. They are building Mosques and sounding bells in every nation by now. Just like Greeks removed Royalty from the government, and replaced a do nothing President in its place. The priorities are screwed up and perspectives are mistaken, that is really it. Bravo John, for telling it like it is. Fearless John, stay well and look only to the good. There is always HOPE. There is a great article in ECONOMIST The World in 2019 page 77, by Steven Pinker, Johnstone Family Professor at Harvard university, “Follow the Trendlines” How the world is really much better off than it was in the past, historically there are more people living in more democratic countries than ever before and more people are educated than ever before (my addition: be careful this could be altered with thoughtless society) etc.. read it.

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