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Holman Fenwick Willan advises on new industry standard contract for maritime armed guards

Holman Fenwick Willan advises on new industry standard contract for maritime armed guards
Elinor Dautlich Leading international law firm, Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) has been influential in the development of the Baltic and International Maritime Council’s (BIMCO’s) latest maritime standard contract – GUARDCON – tailored for the employment of private military security...
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New EU Council Regulation on Iranian Sanctions Sanctions March 2012

The widely anticipated Council Regulation implementing the latest round of European Union sanctions against Iran has now been published. Regulation No. 267/2012 came into force upon its publication on 24 March 2012 and gives effect to the Decision of the Council of the European Union of 23 January (2012/35/CFSP)....
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The Admiralty Claimant after The Indian Grace No2 Ruling

The decision of the House of Lords in The Indian Grace No2 in 1998 has brought some changes which may have drastically affected some features of the action in rem, if the decision is given a wide interpretation. It was held that the action in rem is against the owners of the ship from the moment of the...
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Greece lighting – Opportunities amongst Financial Meltdown

Miranda Karali News stories on Greece over the past two years have been consistently full of doom and gloom. The figures certainly make for depressing reading. Never in recent times has a developed economy shrunk as quickly as Greece’s – 16 per cent in the last four years. And a further 6 per cent...
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Is piracy an off-hire event?

Is piracy an off-hire event?
Andrew Preston Osmium Shipping Corporation v Cargill International SA (The Captain Stefanos) Following last year’s reported case of the Saldanha, which finally gave the industry judicial authority on the question of whether a hijacking by pirates constituted an off-hire event under the wording of clause...
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Malta Maritime Review 2011: From Strength to Strength!

Malta Maritime Review 2011: From Strength to Strength!
 -John A. Gauci-Maistre, K.M., Chairman GM- – Malta’s quiet steady growth, by John Gauci-Maistre – As we begin to get into our stride following the New Year celebrations, we are always quick to compare the year on year stats to gauge how the industry fared over the previous year. ...
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Norton Rose transport survey –

Norton Rose transport survey –
  The Baltic Exchange Building which houses Maritime London – Norton Rose transport survey – The effect of market downturn on the shipping industry has been for companies to focus on maintaining cash reserves and secure funding lines according to the findings of Maritime London member...
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Port Authority’s aggresive crack down on toll evaders results in a criminal indictment and multiple civil suits

View of the Port of New York container terminal Hudson County Prosecutor Joins the Pursuit of Toll Cheats The Port Authority filed civil suits today against 20 of the most egregious commercial and individual toll violators listed on its Wall of Shame. These lawsuits, filed in New Jersey, represent...
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Understand​ing the African framework for maritime business –

– Understanding the African framework for maritime business: a top Nigerian lawyer explains the essentials in her new book. By James Brewer – Africa’s fast growing role in global shipping, energy and trading makes it essential for practitioners around the world to immerse themselves in...
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Issues of Insolvency Law

on a l to r basis: Nicholas Woo, Phillip Sykes, Stephen Robins, Alan van Praag, Julian Wilkinson and Vasanti Selvaratnam This London Shipping Law Centre event come at no better time, as with the current worse global economic crisis in all fronts – shipping being no exemption, the need to know...
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What does the ‘polluter pays principle’ mean? How has it been applied its specific legal measures and how effective has its implementation been in practice?

On the Environmental Law we have Spyros D. Kintas’ work, an interested work for this important aspect of the Environment which is top of the Agenda with Piracy and Terrorism, particularly when it comes from the new generation! As we have said, this is a platform for all, your plattform and we...
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Greece: should the shit hit the fan?

Greece: should the shit hit the fan?
WITHOUT PREJUDICE By John Faraclas I will start with Edmund Burke’s cliché: “for the evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” Time and again I have warned in writing, and in particular ever since the millennium summer, of the coming economic situation on all fronts,...
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That C-word – Is Battling Corruption About to Get Tougher?

With interest we read the following from the Huffington Post; we leave the comments for you. Each year, 9 December is recognised worldwide as International Anti-Corruption Day. The year 2011 however is especially significant as we’ve seen corruption make it to the very top of the political agenda. In...
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U.S Wakes up to Cyber Crime Threat; Rest of the World Sleeps In

Boosting talent retention named one of the most effective risk management actions taken over the last three years. Despite record unemployment levels across much of the US, American business leaders say one of the biggest risks they now face is a talent and skills shortage. That’s according to the...
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IMB identifies suspect Bills of Lading for West African imports

 The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has identified a number of suspect Bills of Lading for shipments into Nigeria. The shipments, all containerised, were for small quantities of consumer products and were due to be shipped into Lagos. The Bills of Lading were all purportedly for cargoes transported...
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Action needed to combat shipping fraud – and to ensure independence of the judiciary

Action needed to combat shipping fraud – and to ensure independence of the judiciary
James Brewer International Maritime Fraud: London Shipping Law Centre event By James Brewer Fraud and corruption are blighting many aspects of the maritime world, from the mundane operation of vessels right through to the highest levels of commercial justice, the most recent seminar organised by...
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Clyde & Co on Piracy

The recent surge in piracy around the world has compelled the U.S. and the International community to clarify the legality of the use of force in any defense against piracy, in particular due to the increasing use of privately contracted security teams embarked onboard vessels transiting high-risk areas....
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Bribery Act is “minefield for the shipping industry”

According to London Matters fortnight report to which we agree, some shipping companies attempting to comply with the requirements of the UK Bribery Act 2010, which came into force on 1 July, could actually be building a case for their own prosecution. The warning comes in an analysis by Ince & Co...
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